Returning SeriesCollection XValues individually (VBA) Thread starter thesnowplow; Start date Feb 4, 2018; Tags chart pivotchart seriescollection vba xvalues; T. thesnowplow New Member. Points 19 Trophies 1 Posts 5. But I can't seem to get the XVALUES property to do anything useful. And in case you can't see the access code I modified it to: Dim cht As Graph.Chart Dim ser As Graph.Series Set cht = Me.Graph.Object Set ser = cht.SeriesCollection(1) Tests = ser.XValues … Re: VBA - Charts() .SeriesCollection.NewSeries. Outline: Quick Chart VBA Examples. Hi CoolBlue, thankyou very much for your contribution.
Quick Excel Chart VBA Examples . ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Activate ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = .Range("BA1:BB" & cnt) (This does not work) "n + 1" or a integer or variable that is equal to a function. The following code does not work. The examples here are straightforward illustrations of easy techniques to create charts, add and remove series, and move and resize charts using VBA. I'm fairly new to VBA, and not as familiar with variants as I should be. I managed to solve the problem by equating the Xvalues and Values to ranges. Excel XY Scatter Chart Variations. According to the online help, XVALUES is a read/write variant. CCArray(i) = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(i).Values CCArray(i, j) = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(i).Values(j) … Hi I have two questions: 1.) The number of series is a variable, and I tried to define the X and Y axis ranges for each series respectively using a loop. I need to read the XVALUES range on a pre-existing series, so I can match the correct row range for the new series' VALUES range. All the series have the same range for X axis but different range for Y axis. .SeriesCollection(1).Values = arYValues .SeriesCollection(1).XValues = arXValues End With End Sub Sub y() Const N = 18 ' geht noch, N=19 nicht mehr Dim ch As Chart, arXValues, arYValues, i As Long ReDim arXValues(1 To N) ReDim arYValues(1 To N) For i = 1 To N arXValues(i) = i arYValues(i) = Sqr(i) Next According to the online help, XVALUES is a read/write variant. Adding a Chart Sheet Using VBA Code: 32. convert an existing chart to use arrays instead of cell references and make it independent of the original data: 33. add the data labels using the following code: 34. When you select more than two columns (or rows) of data and choose a Scatter chart, Excel's standard treatment is to assume all series share the X values in the first column or row, and that each successive column or row holds the Y data for a separate series. Any attempt at displaying or manipulating the property fails. ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(index) index as a function. Is there anyone out there who've used SeriesCollection.Values before? c'est limité à un certain nombre de valeurs!! Merci d'avance As I know, there's no way to do double indexing for the values of the point referencing to. ! The only pair that works is where I define the range explicitly using Range("A2:a50"), for example. Using VBA in Excel 2010, I am trying to change the values in a pie chart and explode a slice of the pie. Set ser = cht.SeriesCollection("Profit") Tests = ser.XValues MsgBox Tests(3) End Sub.

ActiveChart.SeriesCollection (1). Let's say I have the following ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "B2:B20" ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "D2:D20" How do I go about extracting the XValues and Values so that I can display "B2:B20" and "D2:D20" in VBA. Specify Exact Location But when I try to do it dynamically, based upon the number of columns, it doesn't work.

ActiveChart.SeriesCollection (1).XValues = PlageX L'erreur est toujours la même : Impossible de définir la propriété XValues de la classe Series. What am I doing wrong? let's use your image... and transpose the data... Then you have 1 to 10 series named 1 to 10 in the first row.
I'm writing a procedure to add an additional trend to an existing x-y plot. VBA SeriesCollection.Values Jun 22, 2006.

Bonjour, pour la deuxième question : ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(iT).XValues=a si a est un vecteur VBA.

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