- Duration: 18:09. Play music. Songs: Play [song name]. Mike Tyson - The Hardest Puncher in Boxing Ever! Play [song name] by [artist name]. The iPhone 4S rocks at playing music, but Siri lets you use your voice instead of your fingers to play a track or playlist, shuffle your songs, pause and jump between songs, and so on. Reply I have this question too (45) I have this question too Me too (45) Me too. Vous pouvez demander à Siri de lire tous les morceaux d’un artiste, même si les morceaux ne figurent pas dans votre bibliothèque, ou de lire la musique de votre bibliothèque. J'ai une google home mini. Say "Ok Google" or press the button to talk to your Assistant. Sans abonnement à Apple Music, Siri peut lire les morceaux de votre bibliothèque musicale, y compris les achats iTunes et les titres iTunes Match. 0:07. Artists: Play [artist name]. Hey siri play some 80's music (dank edition) - Duration: 0:07. Playing a particular song All you need to do is ask Siri (nicely) to play an individual song or album. All replies Drop Down menu. Trouver et lire des morceaux et des albums. The support has been added to Sirikit framework in iOS 13 and iPadOS which means you will be able to listen to tracks from Spotify, Amazon Music and other such third-party apps by simply asking Siri to stream music. The World of Boxing! Combinations of phrases I've tried only open up & start playing music with the default Apple music player; can't get Google Play Music to play music completely through Siri. iPhone 6, iOS 8.2 Posted on Mar 30, 2015 9:04 PM. Say a command. More Less. Dank city 1,146 views. Play [song name] on [music service]. You can ask your Google Assistant to play music for you. Siri will soon be able to play music from third-party audio apps, radio apps, and audio books. Pour utiliser play music c'est une catastrophe, dans 70% du temps elle ne reconnait pas le titre que je lui demande alors qu'il est présent dans mes playlists. Play Music and More with the Google Assistant.

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