While the UI looks about as clean and tidy as a millionaire’s mansion, it doesn’t mean every little function and capability is as easy to pull off as you’d expect. The Gondola is a new transport ride that can elevate your guests over your parks inside modern and sleek suspended cabins. Planet Coaster Planning Guide Navigation. Don't be ashamed if you launched Planet Coaster, took one look at it, and turned around to consult Google. And finally, the number one spot goes to: 1. Shop Pricing Guide I took Infinity's shop price guide and created the quick reference you see below. This mod takes advantage of Planet Coaster's consoles to launch a new and amazing fire works show at your leisure at a neat new stage inspired by the annual feastival for the Mexican Day of the Dead. Gondola. Everyone's a newbie at some point. Planet Coaster is an interesting demon to behold. Let's get this elephant out of the room: Planet Coaster is made by Frontier, developers of the well-loved RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Transport Rides. We've compiled this handy reference on everything you need to know about the UI and controls to get started in Planet Coaster.. Shop Pricing Guide; Ride Pricing Guide; Ideal Ride Sequences; Monday, January 29, 2018. Light up the skies and make your stage a central focal point of the … As it stands though, Planet Coaster is an experience of two very uneven halves and, as a result, your preferred style of play will dramatically affect your affinity with the game. This car ride seats four guests and has the highest top speed of any tracked ride in Planet Coaster. (I did, too.) Hogwarts + Hogsmeade – Your Planet Coaster experience just wouldn’t be complete without a Harry Potter-themed attraction and ride. Infinity's Shops and Services Pricing Guide (original source) Aliens: THE RIDE, created by Hin Nya. It’s vast, complicated and a little daunting at times. Rest assured that you've clicked on the right page.
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