You can use it to make CSS remove style or attributes. Changes all the properties applied to the element or the element's parent to their parent value. 한국어. Previous Complete CSS Reference Next . CSS Demo: all. CSS all: required syntax. 表示元素属性的初始默认值(该默认值由官方CSS规范定义) Read about inherit 中文 (简体) Add a translation. Changes all the properties applied to the element or the element's parent to their parent value if they are inheritable or to their initial value if not. You can find them in the table below. 在CSS中,有4个关键字理论上可以应用于任何的CSS属性,它们是initial(初始)、inherit(继承)、unset(未设置)、revert(还原)。而all的取值只能是以上这4个关键字。本文将介绍initial、inherit、unset、revert和all. unset. unset: the selected element inherits any inheritable values passed down from the parent element. 日本語. inherit. initial. It can set properties to their initial or inherited values, or to the values specified in another stylesheet origin. To make CSS unset all property values, you need to follow the syntax below: all: value; You can define the value using one of the three possible options. J'ai déjà parlé des deux premiers inherit et initial dans un autre billet, je vais donc évoquer ici le troisième unset.

initial: resets all of the selected element’s properties to their initial values as defined in the CSS spec. Read about initial: Play it » inherit: Inherits this property from its parent element. The all shorthand CSS property resets all of an element's properties (except unicode-bidi and direction ). Différences… Firefox 27 est le premier navigateur a implémenter la gestion de la cascade avancée, à savoir la propriété all, et les mots-clés associés inherit, initial et surtout unset. Transforms all characters to uppercase: Play it » lowercase: Transforms all characters to lowercase: Play it » initial: Sets this property to its default value.

If no inheritable value is available, the initial value from the CSS spec is used for … But the problem with those reset methods is that, they are used to remove all the styling present in a web page (remove all the browser defaults for all elements and their properties), but if we want to remove the default only or some specific style for one element then the value unset comes in handy. The unset CSS keyword resets a property to its inherited value if it inherits from its parent, and to its initial value if not. In other words, it behaves like the inherit keyword in the first case, and like the initial keyword in the second case. inherit: the selected element inherits all of its parent element’s styling, including styles that are not normally inheritable.

Note: CSS all does not affect unicode-bidi and direction properties.

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