The taskkill command in Windows serves for terminating tasks by name or by process id (PID).. A list of common Linux or Unix TERM signals. gives the PID of the grep process. Use SIGKILL as a last resort to kill process.
On linux, kill a process is simple, but sometimes, when something goes wrong, a process could fork hundreds and thousands child processes, you can either create a script to kill them all, or find some quick ways to kill them all in one command. I wrote a shell script starting some background processes and needed to make sure to kill them all on exit. But kill 0 is nice. GUI tools may not be available if you are using the server edition of a Linux system. Here is the ways I use, some of them may not work on all linux distributions. You do not need to identify the process by PID. Examples type kill. Linux and Unix-like operating system support the standard terminate signals listed below: SIGHUP (1) – Hangup detected on controlling terminal or death of controlling process. Internally it sends a signal, and depending on what you want to do, there are different signals that you can send using this tool. Use kill with -9 and pidof to kill process. I could use killall tail but I think this would be dangerous. The ps command can be used to find the PID of a process.

In the beginning it starts several monitor scripts, each of them runs some other tools. If you run an application, it runs some process in the background. Following is the command's syntax: kill [options] [...] And here's how the tool's man page describes it: The default signal for kill is TERM. Use SIGHUP to reload configuration files and open/close log files. A list of common Linux or Unix TERM signals. Linux kill command. ; SIGKILL (9) – Kill signal. Use SIGHUP to reload configuration files and open/close log files. On Linux, most programs that daemonize write their process number to a file, which can be used to send signals to the daemon. The following seven commands all do the same thing:
(The executable /bin/kill has slightly different options; read the kill command documentation for more info.).

The pkill Command. Each process is supplied with a set of standard signal handlers by the operating system in order to deal with incoming signals. Negative PID values may be used to indicate the process group ID, rather than the process ID. Use SIGKILL as a last resort to kill process. Doing kill "pid of grep"does not kill the tail process. I never though about it. Linux provides the kill, pkill, and killall commands to allow you to do just that. This is essentially how the shell's.

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